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Selasa, 9 Februari 2016

The Time of My Life By Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern signing a copy of The Time of My Life

Having read several of her (Cecelia Ahern’s) books before, I could almost predict what I will get this time. I’ve read P.S I Love You, If You Could See Me Now, and Love, Rosie. Naturally I despised romance novel (with overly-described-trashy-dirty scenes), so what on earth am I doing with books with so many ‘love’ word in the title? Do not worry as her writings are not that bad. I could read them until the very last page (or at least jumped to the last page when curiosity hits and the current pages were so boring I didn’t even bother missing a plot).

This novel is about a recently-dumped single woman who braves through her world by ignoring and avoiding. The fact was that her travel junkie-with his own-travel show-ex-boyfriend left her because they were no longer in the same page. At least that’s what he thinks. The saddest thing is; the woman feels the opposite. She just couldn’t accept the break-up and so she’s unable to move on. Being sacked from work just making things uglier. She avoided her family and friends and living in her own coccoon and didn’t even have the energy to fix herself and her life.

Then, a twist came. She dialed a wrong number and ended up talking about her life to the stranger. From there you should have guessed what will happen right? It is just so happened to be that the wrong number guy is cute, smart, witty, and funny and eventhough he is way down below the ex-boyfriend league, he is acceptable.

Even as boring and as predictable as it sounds, I kind of liked this novel. But I would prefer If You Could See Me Now rather than this. Cecelia Ahern has a unique story-telling skill that kept me captivated even though I hate love stories. Haha. By the way, I didn’t buy this book; I borrowed it from a library. That's what you do if you are so particular with your spending (read: you are on a budget) but you still need something to read. So did other books mentioned above, and one of them I borrowed from my ex-housemate who loves reading too and has a wealth of money and didn’t mind splurging on it. Thanks, mate.

I would suggest this book to anyone who favors light reading to help you get by when waiting for someone in the cafe or while waiting for public transportation.. (why is it has to be while waiting??) or maybe in a flight en route to vacation or maybe just for quick reading fix before you decide. =)

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